The book has been acknowledged, yet again, by NPR (that's America's National Public Radio - equivalent to BBC Radio-4). This time it got a mention in an essay - 'In Defense of Marmite' - penned by the highly-talented food writer Michele Kayal. It's a delightfully written piece, that will warm the cockles of all Marmite lovers' hearts. Mish-Mash comes into play right at the end, in the recipe section, when Michele talks about Marmite's umami-factor. As an example of its high-rating when it comes to the fifth-taste, she tells how to prepare the classic Japanese dish Chazuke - with a Brit-twist.

photo by Michele Kayal for NPR

To read what Michele has described as her 'ode' to the black-magic, go to:  and to discover Michele's lively and entertaining take on food: What did NPR do earlier? See below and also in 2009 archive.


This is the photo NPR  took for their website 'broadcast' of the programme they did on the book. They came, to my home on Capitol Hill, for a mighty-M breakfast: apart from toast, bagels, crackers & you-know-what, there were marinated M-sausages; egg-salad impregnated with the stuff; Marm-A-Lite (M and marmalade); even a cake made with Marm-A-Lite and iced with a mix of Cheddar cheese, the black-magic and butter. Much more of a brunch than a breakfast! To 'hear' the broadcast, go to:


How about this for success! The book is now listed, by Amazon UK, on three of its 'best-seller' lists. It's listed fourth in dictionaries; fourth in food & drink encyclopaedias & dictionaries; 14th in books about British food. Of course, it is well known that these listings change by the hour. But at the moment Mish-Mash is riding high. As am I! If you want to see what all the hype is about go to:

MORE ABOUT........

......the book for all tastes! No matter where you stand on the big Marmite ‘love-hate’ debate, you will find something in THE MISH-MASH DICTIONARY OF MARMITE to your liking.

As the title indicates, it reveals a mish-mash of information - from serious to silly, with lots of tasty nuggets in between - about the iconic British spread. From its beginnings as yeast-waste from the brewing industry to its use today in the finest restaurants, this book reveals the grip Marmite has on palates - and minds.

The tales it tells amount to a social-history, covering over 100 years. It’s crammed with insights into: how it all began, old-time recipes, new culinary tips, its place in medicine, its role in education and wars, its uses apart from eating it, and much more. All of which add up to an amazing feat for a humble food product.

But above all it’s a fun-packed read about the zany world occupied by Marmite. The ‘lovers’ will love it. But they’ll also hate it! Because of all the ammunition the ‘loathers’ will find, within its pages, to hurl at them. Even those who have no interest in Marmite, know nothing about it, will find something to grab them - and be converted. Either one way or the other!

A quick glance through the ‘ingredients’ - partially listed on the back-cover - shows how the book exposes the wild side of Marmite. In an A-Z format, it reveals the amazing Marmite-link between scores of diverse subjects. No other book reveals the impact - often extraordinary and frequently laughable - of this kitchen cupboard staple on the world.

It is the perfect gift book, for all occasions. It's an easy and 'tasty' way out of the dilemma that goes: what shall I get them?

Great take on the Book!

Journalist Karan Moses Robinson has written a great review of the book. It has some very funny observations. All the more so, because she is not to the taste born. Read it at: