Great Facebook "Plug"

Delighted to report got a great "plug" on the official Marmite Facebook site.  I have to be super-extra careful about posting anything that mentions the book..... hey, that's OK, the site is managed by Unilever (who declined to help me in compiling it). So I've got a kick out of the posting by Londoner Susanna Chenery who reported:  Just got Maggie Hall's Book Mish-Mash and I love it!   Thanks, Susanna.....

Fun Review

Bit late in posting this fun review.... it was done by blogger SmittenByBritain... aka Melissa, an American in love with all things British. She concludes her piece by saying: One thing’s for sure, after reading The Mish-Mash Dictionary of Marmite, there’s no denying this is one amazing condiment.  For sure, there is no denying that! To read it in its entirety go to: