Assuming you're here because you have a passion, a liking, or at least a passing interest, in MARMITE. This site is all about the most complete book ever compiled about the iconic British savoury spread, that has a vast following around the world. It's THE MISH-MASH DICTIONARY OF MARMITE: an anecdotal A-Z of Tar-in-a-Jar. All manner of details and information - as in: where to buy it, who wrote it, did the illustrations; links to the media attention it has attracted, on both sides of the Atlantic - are all on the site. Also, by just putting 'Marmite Maggie' into any search engine, all manner of on-line references will be found. Mish-Mash is designed to be - like the black-magic stuff itself - dipped into. If you buy the book (£10 or $15) and enjoy it, I'd be enormously grateful if you would spread the word, write a review......and buy another copy as a gift!

Comments from a Number 1 Fan

Fellow-Brit Corrine Bayraktaroglu is a numero uno fan. An artist of amazing talent and diversity she has built a shrine to Marmite (yes, she loves it!) which now hangs in the dining-room of her home in Ohio. She recently left comments on the site.... which I'm drawing attention to because a year after getting the book she reveals she still dips into it!