Naughty Me!

The massive Marmite mess on the M-1 Motorway (  made me spring into action. Joined the hundreds prompted to do the same, with some very funny puns etc and posted my thoughts on several newspaper 'comment' sections. And of course gave the book a plug, referring readers to Amazon and The Book Depository.  To which The Guardian (despite me thanking it for the chance to do a bit of PR) reacted violently! They not only deleted the message they 'banned' me from the comment site, telling me: Comment privileges for this account have been disabled.

Meanwhile a rather dubious 'joke' about two nuns and a cucumber, or was it a piece of soap (not sure where the Marmite came in) was allowed to stay! I tell you, how can so many have so much fun over one mighty product......


Assuming you're here because you have a passion, a liking, or at least a passing interest, in MARMITE. This site is all about the most complete book ever compiled about the iconic British savoury spread, that has a vast following around the world. It's THE MISH-MASH DICTIONARY OF MARMITE: an anecdotal A-Z of Tar-in-a-Jar. All manner of details and information - as in: where to buy it, who wrote it, did the illustrations; links to the media attention it has attracted, on both sides of the Atlantic - are all on the site. Also, by just putting 'Marmite Maggie' into any search engine, all manner of on-line references will be found. Mish-Mash is designed to be - like the black-magic stuff itself - dipped into. If you buy the book (£10 or $15) and enjoy it, I'd be enormously grateful if you would spread the word, write a review......and buy another copy as a gift!