After spending a year with my head in a Marmite jar I decided I needed not only a break but a way of jump-starting my travel-writing 'career' again.  So, just after New Year, husband Gary (he came up with 'Tar-in-a-Jar') and I headed off to Honduras. Well, more precisely, the little island of Utila. In a bid to keep our luggage down, the Marmite was left behind. Stupidly thought that because of the British influence on Utila - English is the first language - a dusty jar of the mighty-M might be found lurking on the odd bodega shelf. Wrong! And cannot believe how much I miss it. At first I wasn't bothered. Hey, I told myself, I've eaten enough Marmite lately to keep me going for a while. But every time I pick-up warm bagels from the bakery (which is just about every morning) I yearn to smother them in the stuff. As for eating bananas here - the country which gave the world that gem of a 'fruit' - I find it ridiculous that I left home without it! What, you've never tried lacing a mashed-up banana with Marmite? A favourite treat - only equalled by peanut-butter and M. But totally surpassed by mixing all three together and adding apple sauce. I think I need to get home.....


  1. Hi Maggie, glad to see you are roughing it then :-)

  2. On BAGELS thank god you can't find it.