The book has been acknowledged, yet again, by NPR (that's America's National Public Radio - equivalent to BBC Radio-4). This time it got a mention in an essay - 'In Defense of Marmite' - penned by the highly-talented food writer Michele Kayal. It's a delightfully written piece, that will warm the cockles of all Marmite lovers' hearts. Mish-Mash comes into play right at the end, in the recipe section, when Michele talks about Marmite's umami-factor. As an example of its high-rating when it comes to the fifth-taste, she tells how to prepare the classic Japanese dish Chazuke - with a Brit-twist.

photo by Michele Kayal for NPR

To read what Michele has described as her 'ode' to the black-magic, go to:  and to discover Michele's lively and entertaining take on food: What did NPR do earlier? See below and also in 2009 archive.

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