One of the world's top food-bloggers, Elaine Lemm, has given Mish-Mash a rave review!

"Any Marmite lover will adore this book.... A great book, I love that it is on my shelf, and like the jar of Marmite, what fun to dip into from time to time...." she writes on About.com (the global blog site operated by the New York Times)

The great praise comes in Elaine's top ten pick of the Best British Cookbooks of 2010. Now, Mish-Mash is not really a cook-book - but, on this occasion, I'm more than happy to have it included in that hugely competitive category!  She also says there is no entry for 'Z' - which there is. But not going to worry about that either!

To see the full piece, and the other books earmarked by Elaine go to:

BTW: this is the third mention Elaine has given Mish-Mash. See the first two below. I think she likes it!

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