Wonderful War Being Waged!

It's been all go!  A copy of the book should have been delivered today (May 27) to the bureaucrats in Copenhagen, that sparked the fun-and-games. Eager to see if I get a response. Also alerted the Danish media. Again, we'll see if any interest is generated. But if they're like 'Fleet Street' their reaction will be a very sniffy 'so what?' Also told Liz Lynne, MEP for the West Midlands - who of course represents the home of the Mighty-M - what action I've taken. But have no great expectations about stirring the marmeet pot. It's a long weekend (even in Denmark, I think - but need to check) and the last thing these people want to come thumping down on their desks is a tome about Marmite! But I bet some 'suit' in Copenhagen grabs it and sneeks it home - to entertain his family and friends this sunny weekend!

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