Another publishing milestone! Mish-Mash is now digital.

Know a lot of you have the original book, so don't expect you to buy the electronic edition - though it does have a lot of new 'entries'. Which is quite amazing, considering we're talking about a humble tasty/disgusting spread.

Anyway, apart from anything else if you click on the link below you could win something - that will either make or ruin your day. To do that you just have to express how you feel about the stuff! And even if you're not a winner there is a bonus (that has nothing to do with the mighty-M) awaiting you: you will discover (unless you know about it already) an exceptional, ever-expanding, library of e-books.
I am happy and proud that my contribution to this new and evolving reading world has been published by BeWrite.....yes, My Mate, BeWrite!

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