An Independent View!

Cracked it! Now Mish-Mash has gone media national. The Independent (of London) carried a feature exploring the way in which Marmite is the flavour of the moment. The article - a terrific read, splendidly written by Holly Williams - underlines the original thought that prompted the book: what the heck is going on here? It talks about the Marmite Shop in London's poshest retail strip, ie Regent Street (it's a Pop-Up spot that opened early November for 10 weeks) and mentions Unilever's 'official' Marmite book, but - I am happy and proud to relate - concentrates largely on  Mish-Mash. And the Indie's interest had me flying high metaphorically - as I was literally flying at 36,000 feet. Picked-up the newspaper just as I boarded my trans-Atlantic flight back to DC. Read the article at:

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