I'm delighted to report that Mish-Mash has achieved several high best-seller rankings on Amazon-UK. It's currently listed as:

#5 in Books > Languages > By Language > Other European Languages > Celtic Languages > Dictionaries
#9 in Books > Food & Drink > Reference & Gastronomy > Encyclopaedias & Dictionaries
#11 in Books > Food & Drink > National & International Cookery > British

Now I don't frankly understand the various 'categories' -  but what the heck, the stats look great!  And, as we authors who break out into a joyous sweat over every sale know, the way in which these sales are computed is a delicate, sensitive process. The rankings can change by the hour! But have to point out that if  sales via The Book Depository were added to Amazon's, the rankings would be higher.  As book-lovers, everywhere, are discovering, the BD is a terrific on-line book selling company - thanks to its policy of world-wide free delivery!

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