Amazon US is offering a package-deal on three Marmite items. Delighted to discover that the book is one of them. Twiglets is another - which, of course, anyone who reads the ingredients on packages, or has read the book cover-to-over, knows that contrary to popular believe Marmite is not used in the manufacture of Twiglets. The Marmitey taste comes from a generic yeast-extract. But who cares? They're one of the world's irresistible snacks! The third item is a Paddington Bear promotion - a jar of M in a suitcase and a tiny PB. The link between Marmite and one of the all-time favourite story book character is now so old hat I'm amazed there are any of these promotional items still left! The book has the back-story to the uneasy relationship between these two iconic British 'things'. See the Amazon deal at:

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