Delighted! The Daily Mail (a leading British national newspaper for our non-Brit friends) has a great feature on Marmite XO, the new extra strong Marmite. Writer David Leafe, good man, ordered the book before making contact. What a rare breed of journo is he! The book gets a decent mention....and it was clear he 'lifted' quite a bit of stuff from it and the sub, edititing his piece, 'nicked' the secondary title of the book for the headline. Withouth getting too big-headed about all this, feel this has sanctioned Mish-Mash as the publication to consult when information about Marmite is needed. And, husband Gary - the number one hater in the world of M - is also pretty made up.With his first whiff of Marmite, 30 years ago, he christened it: 'Tar-in-a-Jar'! 

But apart from all that David has written one of those articles that will go into the annals of Marmite writings. He did some terrific research - even going (lucky chap) to the factory for a full briefing on the process.  Made a very informative and fun  read. Go to:


  1. Wonderful that he quotes YOU before he goes to the spokesman from Marmite! Glad the book is still fleet of feet and not stuck in tar

  2. Thanks for that observation! As you can imagine, pretty chuffed.....