That well known Washington Post Wag, John Kelly, is at it again! He ended a recent column with another attack on the mighty-M. It read......


My former colleague Elizabeth Terry made me aware of a disturbing development on the yeast extract front: The makers of Marmite, the disgusting English condiment, have come out with a new, super-concentrated version. Called Marmite XO -- for "extra old" -- it is aged four times as long as normal Marmite and is said to be four times as strong. The name and classy label allegedly call to mind a fine port wine, though I'm sure the taste calls to mind the Odor Eaters of a grave-digging dipsomaniac. If ever there was a time to slap a trade tariff on a foreign product, it's now.

But on the basis that no publicity is bad publicity, have to thank John. Just wish I'd been around, when it was published. Instead I was sunning myself and suffering Marmite withdrawal in Honduras (see previous posting). Pity, because we could have had another lively exchange, and could probably have slipped-in a 'plug' for the book. But battle will re-commence the next time I come back from Britain. I will bring back a jar of XO and challenge him to a taste-test. Though the only way I know I'll get so much as a smear past his Marmite-bad-talking lips is to weigh him down with a container load of XO. But I will watch-out Washington Post Wag! 

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