There have been many highlights associated with the debut of Mish-Mash. And the latest was when NPR (for Brit readers, that's National Public Radio: ie America's answer to Radio 4) came a calling. Guy Raz, anchor of the weekend edition of the award-winning news magazine All Things Considered,  spotted John Kelly's piece in the Washington Post - and jumped right on the 'phone to invite himself for breakfast! He brought with him producer Travis Larchuck. No prizes for guessing what was served.

Guy, who studied at Cambridge and has served as NPR's London bureau chief, is no stranger to Marmite. In fact I would go as far as saying he loves it as much as I do. Travis on the other hand arrived at my home, on Capitol Hill, a total novice in all matters relating to Marmite. Including eating it. He left with an avowed hatred, that I fear he will never lose. To listen to the marmitey breakfast carry-on go to:

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