Mr Marmite Loves the Book

The book records the valiant work Seamus Waldron has done to keep the love alive. He is Mr Marmite, the webmeister of the Black Magic. Seamus operates the famed:  To stay objective (how hard is that!) he also runs, well let's say 'owns':  The way he founded the site makes for very interesting reading. It was all to do with his time working in the States, when friends and colleagues were totally dumfounded about the Brits' worship of the stuff. Seamus is a good man. Not only because of his devotion to getting the M-message out there but because he has not taken offence that in the book I really mished and mashed his name. For some inexplicable reason (about from stupidity) I call him Sean. But despsite that SEAMUS has posted a great piece about the book and a wonderful audio/film 'review' on Amazon.  Here is an extract from the I Love Marmite site that pretty much sums the whole thing up:

"The book is almost a social history, covering more than 100 years of the life of Marmite. The Mish-mash Dictionary covers Marmites place in medicine, its role in education, wars, its many unlikely uses (apart from eating it), and more."

Anyone who comes in contact with Seamus over his mighty-M doings quickly realise that he does not dance around the subject. Not that he can't 'dance'. He is not only a good dancer, he is a meister in that too. Modern jive is his thing. In fact, let me not 'dance' around: he is so good he owns three dance-schools, two in London and one in Quainton, Bucks. Not only owns - but teaches. So if you would love to learn the Marmite-Jive....go to:

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