Pete Myers is engrossed in the book - but then he's probably reading the entry about himself!
New Yorkers - and visitors to the Big Apple - can now get their hands on the book easily.  Head to the Village:  to Myers' of Keswick, the greatest pork-pie shop in the USA. Almost, the world - heck, make it the world! The Myers - Pete and daughter Jennifer - have made Mish-Mash an integeral part of their Christmas window display. To get your hands on a copy, plus some of the best Cumberland sausages this side of the Lake District, go to: 634 Hudson Street (between Horatio and Jane Streets).



  1. I posted an entry with a link to the npr story on my blog, so there is another plug for you. I am working on an embroidery piece called "some think marmite is evil" :) anyway look forward to perhaps getting this book for christmas, with a few hints flung in a certain persons direction in the living room,wheeeeeeeeee!
    all the best
    corrine aka jafabrit

  2. Oh I see you are from whitby, lovely place. I am a Geordie lass from Gateshead.

  3. OH LOL! the npr interview was funny, especially when the reporter says duck pellets taste better.

  4. Hi Maggie just stopping by to see how things are going, wish we had a Myers in Thailand. I wonder do they sell real cheese too?