A Signature Marmite Moment

Having a coffee outside Marvelous Market  (7th Street, SE, Washington DC - where the book is on sale) I saw a couple approaching. They paused close to the table I was at with my blog-meister and 'agent-supremo' Stephanie Cavanaugh - and I just knew. 'Marmite?' I said. 'Yes', they said....and so began a delightful Marmite moment. Bill and Angelika Pollack had journeyed all the way from McLean, Virginia (well, it seems a long treck for us Capitol Hillites) to buy the book. They had called MM earlier in the week, after the syndicated Washington Post columnist John Kelly fired his opening salvo in the Massacre of Marmite, to reserve a copy. To catch-up on that see blog: Another War For Washington.

I was so happy that I just happened to be there when they turned up - so I could sign it for them. Mish-Mash is going to their daughter-in-law Kerry (who is not only British but from Yorkshire, as I am). She and their son Michael live in Germany. Angelika, who is German born, and Bill, who's a New Yorker, read John's wonderful take on Marmite, and the book, and it struck an immediate chord. Hard for it not to: Kerry, is so devoted to the stuff, she brought a jar with her when she and Michael visited for Thanksgiving. Just hope she enjoys dipping into the book as much she loves dipping into the Marmite jar!


  1. Hi Maggie, have you checked Google lately? The word is spreading in search results. Sounds like it is on the ground too.

  2. Bill and I enjoyed meeting you and had fun with the book and John Kellys article, and Mclean is closer then you think