A Marmartous Festive Dish!

Here is a festive dish with a twist! Caviar Pie, minus the caviar (or lump-fish as most of us use) with a good dollop of you know what to replace it. Sounds like it wouldn't work. But it does. As my good friends Karl and Carrol Kindel proved, when it was a star on the buffet table at their annual Egg-Nog gathering, on Capitol Hill, Washington DC.  And the amazing  thing was the number of guests who said: 'This is great what is in it exactly?' Then when told gasped: 'Oh, that awful British stuff! But this was so good!'

This is the recipe the Kindels used to provide that umami - or 'wow' - factor: mash six hard-boiled egg and half a yellow onion, finely chopped, into quarter of a pound of softened butter; press, about an inch thick, into the dish you want to serve the 'pie' in; refrigerate until hardened; put a layer of Marmite on top; then cover with yoghurt and sour cream mixed. Voila - dip in with a cracker or spoon onto a crudite.


  1. ooooooooh, got to try that :)
    Finally I finished my marmite embroidery, the head drove me bonkers.

    Happy Chrimbo ;) and all the best for the New Year.

  2. Maggie you might find this interesting.


    Merry Marmite Christmas and happy New Year.